Gresham Christian Fellowship was birthed in 1995. A team of eight people was sent out by the
Eldership of our church in Eugene.  Eager to do the will of God, the team began planning the move
up to Gresham, Oregon. Full of a desire to see Christ change Gresham they took a step of faith in
God's direction, and after meeting in a home, two schools, and three grange halls the Lord has
placed GCF in the middle of the Rockwood area of Gresham at the Rockwood Grange. We have
come a long way; All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!
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We are a non-denominational church with Pentecostal, Charismatic, & Evangelical roots.
We are a disciple-making church!  We believe the word of God when it says "Go therefore, and
make disciples (teach all nations)" (Matthew 28:19).  Our members are actively involved in
discipleship, being discipled so they can in turn make disciples!  How exciting, the whole church
involved in the great commission!