1. What are the prerequisites for membership at GCF?   
We take membership very seriously at GCF.  The pastors and elders are charged with protecting the flock of
God and the Holy Spirit adds to the body as he leads and confirms through the leadership of GCF.  It is
common for people to treat the church, especially in America, as a club where we just sign up complete the
requisite forms and vioala, you're a member.  This is not the case at GCF.  In order to become a member you
must get to know the leaders and people in the church, and the leaders and people of the church must get to
know you.  Below are some
frequently asked questions:
GCF Membership Track
a. You must be a believer, one who has been born again, acknowledged Jesus Christ (only) as your Lord and

b. You must have attended the church for a sufficient amount of time to get to know the leaders and people of
the church and for the leaders and people of the church to get to know you.

c. You must have personal confirmation from the Holy Spirit that GCF is your local church, this confirmation will
also include confirmation from the Pastors & Elders of GCF.

d. You must be willing to confront the practice of sin in your life, along with a willingness to change and grow in
and by Christ Jesus.

e. You must be open to the present day manifestation of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

f. You must be willing to be discipled and trained in the Word of God.

g. You must be willing to complete the various classes and discipleship that are apart of the membership track
of GCF.
2. But aren't we all, as born again believers, members of the Body of Christ